Welcome to Rock the Ages

Thanks for taking a look at Rock the Ages in Tucson, Arizona, where membership is free to everyone. 

RTA is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Tucson Medical Center. We have them to thank for this website and our activities.

It’s all about fitness, responsible eating and connecting with others. RTA is not for the timid, but for those who are ready to work every day, forever, to make life better than you ever hoped…and you cannot do it in isolation. 

Think of it as your new job. If you are ready to go to “work” every day (joyfully), excel at your work, and be accountable for your goals, then RTA is for you. 

We urge you to read this book, “Younger Next Year”, by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, M.D. Buy it today! The book is 11 years old, but it inspired us and it will surely inspire you. If you don’t read it, you might not really “get it”. So, there you go. Please click here and buy the book

First…keep in mind what “Younger Next Year” tells us: See your doctor to make sure that you’re in good enough condition to begin a serious six-day-a-week exercise regimen.  Rule out the possibility that you have a condition that you’re not aware of that could become a serious threat when embarking on a new exercise program. Then let’s get started!

  • Commit

  • Be accountable…keep a journal. Sound burdensome…not really. Mine is a continuing word doc that I add to each morning or night.

  • Share your planned activities with others…maybe someone will join you
  • Find an active club to join.

There are several things you need to know to get started. But first decide to have fun with this, and with us. 

  1. Read the book…are you starting to believe we mean it? You can register first though. Fill out only what you know in your profile. You can always change it.

  2. Take the quiz…If you don’t pass it, take it again after you read the book. 🙂 When you have 100% you will earn a “rock”.

  3. Make your personal commitment! 

    Take the quiz, click here