About us

Hello to friends of fitness over 50! This is us, doing what we love most. Here’s just a little about us, and we hope to learn a lot about you.

First of all, we live in Tucson, Arizona. Therefore, most of the Rock the Ages (RTA) activities take place in Tucson. I hope that won’t keep you from joining, as you can still find good information on our site and you can keep your personal journal here too.

Let us begin by saying that we are not doctors, fitness experts, or certified anythings. We are just folks who want you to feel great and live long, strong lives. If you want to make it your JOB to feel great, then welcome aboard!!

“Younger Next Year” says…don’t let your physical ailments or disabilities stop you from exercising.   Even though you may have a condition that puts limits on the kind of exercise you can do, don’t let it stop you from developing a regular exercise program that can improve your life dramatically. 

I’m Jannie and this is my husband Dave. We are 68 and 70 years young. After reading the book “Younger Next Year” we are inspired to create a virtual and actual community of like-minded mature adults who are not, and hopefully will never will be, ready for the rocker. We won’t settle for watching life go by. We will live life to the fullest, and do it as fast and as well as many of our younger friends. This is not our aspiration for today, but a commitment for the rest of our lives. Life is a wonderful adventure, and we want it all.

I consider my fitness and wellbeing to be my responsibility…it is my “job”. I go to “work” joyfully every day and accept the responsibility to make my life full, active and happy. I am an outgoing energetic person who loves being part of a group. I make friends easily and enjoy spending time with my friends. I like cycling, walking, hiking, working out with other people. I love the “feel” of the end of a day full of strenuous exercise, especially with Dave and good friends…the exhilarating exhaustion. It makes it fun to “go to work” every day and I feel great!

Having been a chubby child I have tried nearly every diet you can name, from grapefruit to Adkins, during the first 50 of my 68 years. Through my own experience and years of observation, I firmly believe what the many learned and credible sources will tell you…diets don’t work! You will not see the word diet mentioned in RTA.

We eat good food and plenty of it. It serves our bodies well as we cycle, walk, hike or workout nearly every day of my life. We usually end our day with a beer or a glass of wine, or maybe even a cocktail….but not several.  We talk about what we learned today, who we enjoyed being with (especially each other), how good (or bad 🙂 it felt at the gym or on the bike or trail. We glow from the experience behind us, and the anticipation of doing it all again tomorrow. Is every day a good day? Heck no! Will that stop us from doing it all again tomorrow? Heck no!

Now I would like to tell you about Dave, age 70, since he probably won’t tell you himself. Dave is not a “social animal”, just a smart, quiet and great guy.  After being injured in Viet Nam as a young man he was left with some physical restrictions. Dave doesn’t see that as significant, but I need to tell you anyway. He pursued a very successful career in commercial real estate. Dave was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 32. He had a very good doctor who said, “Get on a bicycle”. He did.

Six years ago Dave was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He has another very good doctor who says, “Keep riding that bicycle”. He does. Two years ago he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis, resulting in five major surgeries. Challenges? He has them.  But you won’t find him on the couch! He has a smile and a sense of humor that are just plain beautiful. Dave is no less committed to being younger next year than those of us who are blessed with great health.

Dave would be just as happy sharing his enthusiasm with me and with close friends, and then gently recruiting a small group of friends and neighbors, encouraging them to make their own commitment to a younger body and a longer life. But you see, Dave is married to me, so we are in this adventure called Rock the Ages…together!

Please understand that Dave and I are not fitness or health professionals. We are just average folks who live a better-than-average life. And we want you to come play with us, please.

Still think you want to join us? Here is what members will find on the Rock the Ages website.  As RTA grows and you participate, this site is meant to be  an “anchoring” place for everyone over 50 who wants to live younger, stronger, longer.

How to participate:

Join Rock the Ages today and make your commitment. You can change it anytime you want, so don’t be put off by the fields you don’t have answers for.

Read the book “Younger Next Year”, by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, M.D. We recommend you read it with a highlighter pen in one hand. You will need it.

Pass a short quiz related to the book…to prove you read it. 🙂  If you didn’t, you aren’t going to “get it”.

A passing score and you will earn a rock. You’ll see. BTW, a passing score is 100%.

No, you don’t have to read the book, but you will be lacking if you don’t.  So, just do it.

Talk to your  doctor now and make sure he/she agrees that you are healthy enough for vigorous exercise. Please do NOT engage in strenuous physical activity unless your doctor agrees that it is safe for you!

Make your own personal commitment to your new “job”…living younger and stronger for the rest of your life.


Jannie Cox and Dave Syverson