Why join?

Why is this club/philosophy/science so important to you?

Because . . . as we get older, the affects of aging can become more pronounced, more limiting and at some point irreversible. In the past 50 years, there have been hundreds (if not thousands) of exercise routines, diet plans and bestselling books on how to ‘flatten our tummies’, ‘beef up our biceps’ or ‘shed 50 pounds in a month’.  Too many of us have fallen victim (more than a few times) to these quick fixes. Fortunately, science has led us to some irrefutable conclusions about how humans age, and shown us that specific, concrete behaviors can slow down the body’s aging, increase energy and stamina and optimize our overall health.

Science has also shown that ‘health’ is defined more broadly than just exercise and cutting fat from your diet.  There are major emotional/health benefits from social engagement and friendships as well as volunteering in your community…giving of yourself in a way that helps others and brings you joy and satisfaction.

Since we’re all planning on living longer and hopefully, living well, it is critical that we start now to work at being healthier – in body, mind and spirit.  We need to know the facts about aging, exercise, healthy eating and engagement with others, which is why we’re strongly recommending (begging) that you read Younger Next Year, and then join Rock the Ages. (It’s free.) You can get the book at Meet Me at Maynards or Meet Me at La Encantada for $10 cash. But you might get it faster from Amazon.com.

This is your opportunity to change your life in a meaningful, lasting way. This is not a ‘get thin’ or ‘get buff’ promotion.  This is hard science and it works. Your commitment will give new meaning to the word “living”.  And you’re going to love it!

Order the book online or go to the bookstore – now please.  No, we didn’t write it and we are not the experts. We just love what it says and want you to “live” it with us.  Join Rock the Ages today. We can’t wait to meet you!